Four Seasons Lawn Maintenance | Serving Athens, Georgia & surrounding areas.

Turf Program

Turf Program

FOUR SEASONS will also take care of your turf needs. We provide seven rounds of applications, a year program that makes your lawn healthy. Prior to treating your yard with chemicals, our technicians are well-trained, licensed and insured. In addition to the basic care of your lawn, FOUR SEASONS can ensure that all turf areas are healthy and free of weeds.

January - February

The first application of season includes both pre-emergent weed controls and post-emergent weed controls to aid in the prevention of broad leaf weeds and annual crab-grass.

February - March

This application of high nitrogen fertilizer will help ensure a quicker green-up.

April - May

With the onset of the warmer temperatures they will apply a granular controlled-released fertilizer to enhance the color of your lawn.

May - June

To help all warm seasons lawns maintain their color and growth they apply another granular slow-release fertilizer.

July - August

Another Granular slow-release fertilizer mixed to maintain the color and feed the roots of your turf is applied.

September - October

Another application consisting of both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to aid in the prevention of annual winter weeds.

November - December

The last application of the year consists of palletized limestone. This teatment conditions the soil and helps balance the pH levels.